What is the need of reuse?

Why it is important to recycle for children

This process means that the more items we reuse, the less waste we produce and the fewer resources we have to waste. Reuse ranks second in the waste hierarchy, after prevention and above recycling.

To get people to develop and/or strengthen awareness of the need to protect the environment, to take consequence of their own decisions and daily actions and to deepen their knowledge of reality.

It would be to return to its previous state, as well as to decrease, reduce or lessen the amount of waste produced by a person or society. Waste minimization implies personal and social effort.

This action, also known as reuse, allows them to know how to reuse discarded goods or products and give them a conceived use. This means that the more objects we reuse, the less waste we produce and the fewer resources we have to spend, which is second only to prevention and above recycling in the waste hierarchy.

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Why is it important to recycle wikipedia

Recycling is one of the alternatives used to reduce the volume of solid waste. It is a process that basically consists of reusing materials that were discarded and are still suitable for making other products or remanufacturing them. Examples of recyclable materials are metals, glass, plastic and paper.

– It takes care of the planet: It promotes the conservation of natural resources such as water, soil, minerals, and avoids the pollution produced during extraction and product manufacturing (reduces the use of energy and the emission of greenhouse gases, among others).

What is reuse for children?

To realize the problem of water waste pollution, it is estimated that almost a third of the population consumes water in poor conditions due to the presence of pathogens and harmful chemicals.

But what does the treatment of this type of water basically consist of? Specifically, it is based on the elimination of the pollutants contained for subsequent reuse for other purposes, without generating environmental problems.

This is relatively simple in the case of sewage, which is, for example, the water that comes out of the sink, washbasin or toilet, since it can be treated and used, for example, for agriculture. In industrial processes, on the other hand, it is much more complex, but just as necessary.

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It is surprising how many uses wastewater can be put to once it has been properly treated. In fact, this is not a new practice. In 1958, the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations already established a series of guidelines so that the best quality water would be preserved for human consumption and would not be used for work for which it was not necessary.

Because it is important to reuse the materials that we no longer use at home.

Well, after analyzing these two words, plus my 4 month collaboration with Proyecto aSILO, plus all the waste generated by the construction site where I work (ESPACIO TK) is where I find the result to my needs.

Going back to my immediate need (furniture) I make a series of sketches of what I can do with all the waste wood, I tell the idea to some workers (carpenters) and they help me to make my first piece of furniture (a chest of drawers). We choose the most salvageable scrap wood, we make cuts, we nail here and there, we repair it, we finally put some gloss here and a little bit here and the furniture is ready in 2 days (dead time for the workers).

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When we see the finished work, we make comments, what we can improve, what else we can do and the best thing is that the workers are so interested that they ask for permission to do the same but for their house.

During several weeks we worked on furniture for the site office, plan holders, desks… I continued with furniture for my house, a closet, the base of the mattress, furniture for the kitchen, picture frames and lamps with pet.