Is Plastic Memories a good anime?

Plastic memories final manga

It is always difficult, like everything else, to categorize a series or movie, several genres have been chosen for it: Animation, Drama, Science Fiction, Romance. which has nothing less than a 7.3 on the prestigious IMDB page.

In the lead role of the main character (Mizugaki Tsukasa (voice)) the series features Yasuaki Takumi. On the other hand, there are other actors who appear repeatedly, such as: Sora Amamiya and Chinatsu Akasaki, playing Isla (voice) and Michiru Kinushima (voice) respectively. You will be captivated! Finally, we will enjoy the actors Sayuri Yahagi, Megumi Toyoguchi, Satoshi Hino playing Zack (voice), Kazuki Kuwanomi (voice), Constance (voice).

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Plastic memories what it’s about

A Giftia who is Yasutaka’s shooter. She has a serious personality and the appearance of a career woman. She tends to be annoyed by her partner’s attitude and sometimes gets startled at work. When she gets angry, she can be as scary as Kazuki.

The manager of the Terminal One Services section of Terminal One EFS. She originally had a job in sales, and as a result, he has no field experience in his current job. He seems to have trouble communicating with his daughter.

A shooter from Terminal Services office No. 3. She was once Olivia, a neighbor and friend of Eru’s, but was taken back by Terminal Service. However, due to budget cuts, her operating system was replaced instead and she was recycled under her current name.

Plastic memories rating

Even though I usually try to stay away from anything that says drama, this series had generated hype because it promised a story with adult characters, set in a world where robots are part of society which would allow to explore some interesting messages. Finally what we got was the lowest among the clichés of Japanese melodrama, characters with one-dimensional personalities, topical and bland that could easily be schoolchildren and the story would not be modified at all, several plot holes and tons of scenes that forced to incite tears.

At the level of characters all are clichés or clichés seen in other anime, and really do not have a great importance in the story, the two main characters are not saved as they are also quite obvious but at least they have some development and a couple of scenes more than decent when they decide to stop using clichés.

Musically we have a whole soundtrack, from opening, endings and background themes that try to balance the happy moments with the drama, listening to the themes outside the series do not seem great but during the viewing they fulfilled their function.

Plastic memories is sad

It’s a cliché, but it’s true nonetheless: how time flies, rediez! It’s been 12 months since I made the post dedicated to the 5 and 5 of 2014, and I’ve hardly noticed. Life… life slips through my fingers like elvers. Alas.

Those of you who regularly read the blog will already know that I do a weekly entry dedicated to this animierder. I’ve included it in the Meh Ones because the bizarreness, which is the lifeblood that really keeps this series going, has been relegated to anecdote. After having offered us moments of ineffable pleasure with its shameful nonsense, Dance with devils has been incomprehensibly toned down to become just another vulgar anime. And Peluchón will no longer be on display, all fluffy himself, wiggling his fast little legs and silently observing from his cushion.  For those who don’t know, Dance with devils is a parody and musical series (yes, musical! VIVA!) with a respectable storyline and characters that can be crashed at 200 km/h against a wall. Except for Peluchón, of course. Although it has lost much of its grace, it’s watchable. But alas, this anime could have achieved greatness and been a charming eyesore.